Comb shaving arched


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Product description

The comb Curved Beard Brasil is handmade with a hardwood called Cabreúva, carefully selected and treated. Its curved shape fits well to the face and is ideal for combing his beard.
But do not just comb made of wood: it has to be well done.
Please note the details of the comb, the edges are trimmed and sanded their teeth one by one, smoothed and polished, preventing the formation of burrs future.
Feel its soft tips that massaging your face.
Listen to the sound it makes while combing.
Enjoy the joy of their use.
Rare are the combs that do not form static electricity while combing. This electricity attracts pollution particles from the air that interfere with the free transpiration and evaporation of natural fluids of hair, empastando wires. This creates the need for frequent washing with harsh chemicals often, by making brittle and embaraçáveis.
The electrically neutral by easily free up pollution particles. Capillary breathing becomes freer, thereby generating a degreaser and deodorant effect. Continued use of combs keeps brightness and natural softness of his beard. It is the best way to unite the health and beauty.
Dimensions: 11.5cm x 3.5cm