After-shave cream (cópia)


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Product description

The Beard Brasil after-shave cream line is the last step of shaving; it’s a consistent product, ideal for men who feel that the skin after shaving is becoming extremely dry and needs more hydration.
Made with natural ingredients, which are extremely moisturizers  and leave the skin soft for a longer time, and relieve irritation of the skin, avoiding possible allergies and redness of the face.
The Beard Brasil after-shave cream is soft and has a refreshing fragrance, and turns a dry skin in a relaxed skin, look healthy and clear, without the feeling of skin stretched.

Who should use?
Recommended for all skin types. This natural after-shave was formulated to be very soft, hydrant and relieve your skin in the best way.

How to use:
When you make your beard, apply a good amount of product in the area of the skin where the wires were cut, it has a soft texture, it is easy to use, you don’t need to stub on the sensitive skin.
Excellent product to finish with a cold towel.

Menthol essence