Dom Almeida Collection


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Product description

This set is of primary need of every man who values ​​himself.

1 Beard Oil 120g, 1 Beard Oil 120g, 1 Shaving Cream 150ml, 1 Gel Shave 450g, 1 Facial Cream 60g, 1 Fresh Beard Oil 30ml, 1 Bearded Oil Wood 30ml, 1 Elite Beard Oil 30ml, 1 Beard Oil Exclusive 30ml, 1 Beard Balm Fresh 50g, 1 Beard Balm Elite 50g, 1 Mustache Wax 10g, 1 Barber Smell 100ml, 1 Wooden Comb Arc, 1 Double Wooden Comb, 1 Wooden Comb Pocket, 1 Beard Shampoo 140ml, 1 Beard Conditioner 140ml, 1 Shampoo in Bar 65g, 1 Diffuser of Environment 250ml, 1 Hair Ointment Wet Effect 140g, 1 Hair Ointment Dry Effect 70g, 1 Colônia Black 100ml, 1 Colônia Gold 100ml and 1 Cologne Maxi 100ml