Mustache wax


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Product description

A respectable mustache asks some care. Therefore, a good mustache wax that keeps the face hair in place is very necessary to any mustached and bearded.
Our mustache wax is made to tame the wires under your nose the way you want, always with a natural look and a pleasant aroma.

Who should use?
For every kind of mustache, especially the longer ones that asks for a better care.

How to use:
- Scrape a small amount of the surface of your fingernail of your thumb;
- Heat the wax between the forefingers and thumb of both hands;
- Apply in the entire length of your mustache, shaping it as you wish.

Ingredients: wax, Vaseline, essential oil.
Essential: Honey and Eucalyptus

Doubts about the wax
01 - The mustache wax serves to be used in the beard?
Of course! If you have those wires of beard that often get stuck, the wax will help to put it in place, but remember, the beard may be dehydrated. In this case, it’s best to hydrate it with balm or beard oil to solve this problem in the best way.