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Product description

Our oil beard is simply amazing.
A mixture of essential oils are combined with natural fragrances to give a fab aroma and a healthy appearance. It helps to soft, hydrate and condition the beard. How much longer the beard is, it may become more dry. And our Beard oil leaves the beard soft to the touch, easy combing and a feeling of cleanliness and a nice smell.

Who should use?
The beard oil is ideal for longer or dry beards. These beards tend to become messy and the oil will always maintain its visual aligned.

How to use:
- After washing the beard with the Beard Brasil shampoo bar and conditioner line, dry it with a towel;
- Apply 5-8 drops of oil beard on your palm.
- Rub both hands and then spread the oil on the beard, in the roots until the end.
- Then comb and wait a few minutes while your beard absorbs the oil.

Essence: vertiver, sândalo, cedro
Each bottle has 30ml.
Ingredients: jojoba, sweet almond and grape seed.

Questions about oil
01 – To use beard oil will not leave my face oily?
No. Just use the right amount, comb and wait about 5-10 minutes for the oil to be fully absorbed into the beard. Our beard oil was made with a mixture of great oils that are absorbed quickly and keep them soft and well hydrated all day.
02 - How do I know the amount of drops should I apply in my beard?
This will depend on the length of your beard and how much it needs hydration. We recommend starting with fewer drops and go up if necessary. And do not forget to comb and wait a few minutes after application.
03 – And who has short beard? Can I use as well?
Yes, you can. Just use a smaller amount of oil. The short beard is the one that can cause itching and irritation. Let it well hydrated, it is important to tackle these problems. We recommend the beard oil in short beard, especially if you usually have a dry skin.