About Us

We are Beard Brasil, a cosmetics company that values ​​the care with the beauty and the well-being of the man.

It is in nature that we extract with respect and criteria the raw material to produce products of the highest quality and technology.

We always work with dedication and responsibility to satisfy and strengthen relationships with our customers, consumers, suppliers and partners.

This performance is made with the quality present in all stages of the work, from the careful selection of fragrances to its different lines, even in relation to the tested raw materials, which go through the careful development of new products and new packaging, reaching a sales team and a commercial department always involved.

We begin our history through a dream, to have a business that goes far beyond the simple fact of working on our own, but with a purpose, a purpose to improve in some way the condition of people's lives, to make our dream was also the dream of the people, in a path built by people who dedicate themselves to others with love, truth and responsibility, seeking to constantly improve us. Today, Beard Brasil enjoys an agile, modern and efficient structure.

For us it is gratifying to contribute, generating jobs, providing well-being to our customers, encouraging those around us and seeing our products in the national market, participating in the lives of Brazilians, thus fulfilling our mission to promote happiness and self-esteem of our consumers.

Promote self-esteem and well-being allied to solid values ​​in search of the happiness of our customers and consumers.


Be recognized for quality and care present throughout the process and be a reference company in cosmetic products.


These are the fundamental guidelines and values ​​defended and promoted by Beard Brasil to conduct their activities in the market:


Concern for well-being
Promoting self-esteem
Strength in partnerships
Valorization of commercial relations with its partners

Beard Brasil has at its core work, faith and unity.